Technical details

It is basically an impact mill unit. The main grinding unit is a fabricated housing. Hardened impact hammers are housed in main grinding unit. The grinder is powered by 10/25/50 HP 2800 RPM electric motor. Due to heavy impact the aluminum dross is ground to fine particle thus leaving aluminum particle and oxide separated from each other. The grinder is connected to cyclone type dust collector. The function of cyclone dust collector is to separate fine dust and heavy particles. A blower is provided to suck the fine particle and send it to the filter bags. The function of filter bag is to collect very fine dross particles from the grounded product. Filter bags are provided at the top to minimize dust pollution inside the factory.

The complete unit shall consist of

  • Main grinding unit
  • 10/25/50 HP 2800 RPM electrical motor
  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Filter bag unit
  • Connecting pipe lines
  • Vibration pads

No special foundation is needed to install the unit and the unit can be started immediately after receipt of machine at site

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