Universal Tilting Rotary furnace for battery lead recycling

We offer Tilting Rotary furnace / Fixed axis rotary furnace , Ingot casting and stacking line for Lead scrap recycling plants.

Tilting Rotary Furnace

Tilting rotary furnace is designed specifically for the processing of lead scrap . Special consideration is given for the selection of refractory to withstand high temperature. For complete details please download e-brochure.

Ingot Casting machine
Technical specifications

Arihant Engineers Ingot Casting machine has been developed to give trouble free production of non ferrous metal like aluminum, Zinc, Lead. Metal is poured from the furnace in to the casting wheel/Tundish and the system accurately controls the volume of metal in to each mould. The filled moulds travel up the incline, where they are water cooled. As the molds pass around the head sprocket, they invert, allowing the ingots to fall by gravity- assisted by two knock out hammer.

Ingot Stacking line

Different lay out option is available to suit customer requirement. The most common layouts are.

  • Straight line layout where ingots are stacked only at one end of the chain conveyor
  • Cross over layout where ingots are stacked at both the end of the Conveyor.

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