Zinc casting machine

Arihant Engineers Ingot Casting machine has been developed to give trouble free production of all type of non ferrous metal and its alloy. Metal is poured from the furnace in to the casting wheel/Tundish and the system accurately controls the volume of metal in to each mould. The filled moulds travel up the incline , where they are water cooled. As the molds pass around the head sprocket , they invert , allowing the ingots to fall by gravity- assisted by two knock out hammer.

  • Mould type - 25 kg capacity
  • Mold Dimensions – 600 mm long x 100 mm width x 40Mm height
  • Number of molds – 60
  • Mould material – SG cast iron
  • Mould cooling – Water spray , 9 spray heads, Total water consumption At 2 bar pressure 100 lts per hour
  • Knock out system – Automatic dual Knock out system
  • Pouring system – Casting wheel/ Cam operated tundish , Drive off main chain
  • Drive Motor – 2 HP AC variable frequency drive
  • Gear box – 750:1 double reduction worm gear
  • Conveyor chain – 150 mm pitch bolted assembly
  • Machine inclination – 13 degree
  • Machine construction – Robust frame fully welded
  • Construction . Frame is made Out of 200 x100 mm C chanel
  • Overall dimension – 6 meter long x 1100 mm wide

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