Zinc sheet caster and Rolling mill

The equipment shall consist of an MS ring mold of 1200 mm diameter supported on a heavy duty fabricated steel base frame. The drive to the ring mold is by variable frequency drive system and motor through double stage reduction gear box . The equipment is essentially a four wheel construction to cover the outer face of the ring mold by an endless steel belt. The caster is provided with inner and outer SS spray nozzle. Each nozzle can be controlled individually for fine setting of solidification pattern of as cast strip. The belt guide rollers are pneumatically operated with pressure control valve to regulate the working pressure between ring mold and belt guide rolls. The width of as cast strip shall be 300 mm with a minimum thickness of 20 mm. The production capacity of the caster shall be 2 tons per hour.

The machine shall consist of the following
  • Strip caster assembly
  • Inner and outer cooling system
  • Belt wiper system
  • Metal tundish
  • Pneumatic system
  • Variable frequency drive system

Strip guide system

9 no hard chrome plated rollers mounted on pillow blocks are placed in front of strip caster to support as cast strip.

Floating guide system

Floating guide system is fabricated steel structure made out of 150 mm C channel with dancing pulley and counter weight arrangement acts as an accumulator between strip caster and hot mill to take care of synchronization between caster and rolling mill. The floating guide is to be placed in between rolling mill and shear cutter to give an intermittent feed to the cutter.

Strip hold down mechanism

During shearing operation of the strip it is essential to hold down as rolled strip during shearing operation . The strip hold down mechanism is a 5 roll system in which bottom three rolls are driven rolls and the top two rolls are pressure rolls which is operated by pneumatic cylinders. The drive to the bottom is by 5 HP motor with clutch brake mechanism through reduction gear box. All three rolls are coupled by chain and sprocket arrangement. The working of the strip hold down mechanism is via proximity switch which is mounted on a floating guide with variable length adjustment.

Rolling Mill

The Zinc rolling mill comprises of mill stand , gear boxes, Drive system, Roller tables, Entry guides, Up coilers, Rolling oil supply system, centralized lubrication system, Hydraulic roll separation system and complete electrical equipment.
The as cast strip is fed in to the mill which can be handled on roller tables. The rolls and other material are chosen carefully to give maximum operating life keeping in view the accidental overloading and shock loading condition. The specification of hot rolling mill is as per the requirement of customer.

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