Aluminum Wire Rod Flipping Coiler

A unique design developed by Arihant Engineers is capable to wind aluminum wire rod up to 15 mm diameter and weighing up to 3 tons. Steel industries application require layer to layer winding of aluminum wire rod for fast injection of wire in to molten steel ladle. Our company has developed complete line for aluminum wire rod coiling machine for perfect layer to layer winding specially for steel plant application. Our several installations are running successfully all over India.



For the placement of standard aluminum wire rod coils having ID 550 mm, OD 1000 to 1600 mm and width 850 mm. Special features of our flipping coilers are -

  • Rigid steel frame structure.
  • Horizontal cantilever design.
  • Equipped with fail safe braking system.
  • Expandable, collapsible reel for easy loading

Straightner Unit

  • Pneumatically operated rolls for firm gripping of rod.
  • Hardened and hard chrome plated rolls for longer life.
  • Provided with electronic counter meter for the measurement of length/weight.

Coiler Unit

  • Designed to wind rod from 7.6 to 15 mm.
  • Horizontal cantilever design.
  • Rigid steel frame structure.
  • Expandable, collapsible reel for easy unloading.
  • Infinite ratio mechanical speed variation for accurate pitch of lay adjustment.
  • Electromagnetic clutch system for traversing unit.
  • Drive by VFD Motor.
  • Hydraulic trolley system for unloading and transfer of flipped coil.

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