Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace

Arihant Engineers Tilting Rotary Furnace is simply one stop solution for all your aluminum scrap recycling need. It offers you the system exactly what you require for the most efficient processing of Aluminum scrap. Our widest range of Tilting Rotary Furnace helps you to select the equipments as per your specific requirement.

Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace

The Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace or simply Tilting Rotary Furnace is a rotating closed-well furnace. It combines the advantages of Rotary furnace, Revs furnace and Dry hearth furnace in a single unit.

A significant advantage claimed for the UTRF is that it can be both rotated and tilted. First of all the aluminum scrap is loaded in to the furnace with the smelting salt and the furnace is locked shut. By firing the burner that is mounted on the door, the material is heated with the help of oil/gas burner until it reaches melting point. Heating up is considerably faster due to horse shoe flame design. Due to high rate of heating oil consumption as well as melt loss is very less compared to other furnaces. The overall advantages of UTRF is

  • Reduced amount of salt flux requirement for melting
  • Improved working condition
  • Different types of scrap can be processed in a single unit
  • Homogeneous charge resulting in high quality material
  • Self cleaning lining
  • Offering low energy consumption and high thermal yield. It can reduce oil consumption by almost 30 % compared to traditional melting furnace.
  • Ensuring faster melt rate, 2 times higher than traditional furnace.
  • Higher yield of material

Comparison of UTRF with fixed axis rotary furnace

The fixed axis rotary furnace is nothing more than a rotating tube with burner at one end and a flue at other. The furnace operates under negative pressure and draws cold air from outside thus making it virtually impossible to control the atmosphere of the furnace, which is nearly always oxidizing (air rich). This condition makes it necessary to use large amount of salt to protect the charge. The oil consumption is also high because travel length of flue gas is less. The UTRF furnace on the other hand is a closed chamber design having a single en-trance and exit point. The door carries the burner and the flue. The furnace operates under positive pressure and when the burner is firing there is a total absence of outside cold air therefore the furnace can operate with reduced amount of salt flux. Additionally the furnace operates at an angle, the charge is mixed with a similar action that of a concrete mixture. This improves homogeneity and heat transfer resulting in a very high thermal efficiency.

The UTRF furnace is a universal solution for processing all kind of scrap such as

  • Lead Scrap
  • Automotive parts with ferrous inserts
  • Aluminum cans, UBC
  • Chips
  • White and black dross.
  • Foundry return

Some salient features of the design are

  • Tap to tap cycle time 4-5 hours
  • Energy consumption 500 kw/mt
  • Rotary speed from .6 to 2 rpm
  • Robust steel structure with proven drum
  • Long life refractory lining
  • Oversized driving system and bearings
  • Hydraulically operated tilting system and door opening and closing system
  • Safety interlocks for the safety of the equipments.
  • Require less manpower, only two persons per shift Can operate the furnace

Technical details

Technical specification Model
Capacity MT (Aluminum) 2 3 5 10
Input dross/scrap(per cycle) 1.5/2.2 2.5/3.5 4/6 8.5/11
Salt required kg 300/150 500/200 800/350 1500/700
Output molten metal (per cycle) 0.9/2 1.5/3 2.4/5 5/10
Daily production        
Dross 4.5 T 7.5 T 12 T 25 T
Scrap 10 T 15 T 25 T 50 T

Other sizes are also available as per the requirement

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